HER Hub Core Training


HER Fund believed that it is important to enhance organizational and personal capacities for sustainability of organization development. Hence, HER Fund Core Training provide in-depth training to members of these organization in order to enhance their capacities including administrations, finance, project management, internal management, communications and leaders nurturing. Also, each organization will be matched with a professional volunteer as mentor to facilitate their learning and give advice for organization development.


Core Training in 2018 is focus on “Project Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation”and “Resource Mobolization and Communication”. HER Fund will provide in-depth training to 4 grantee partners. They will also implement a pilot project to put learning into practice.


Project Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation

Period: January – May 2018

Training outline:

- Develop and examine the vision, value and mission of the groups/organization

- Project management skills emphasizing planning, monitoring to evaluation

- Foster application of the learning in future projects and organizational development


Resource Mobolization and Communication

Period: June – October, 2018

Training outline:

- Fundraising concepts, methods and strategies for grassroots groups/organizations

- Importance and ways to establish creditability and connecting network

- Communication and relationship management with donors/ supporters