As technology develops, our lives are becoming more convenient. The internet and communication technology have strengthened interpersonal interaction and established a huge platform for public discussion. However, the cyberspace also brings about a lot of negative influences. The freedom granted online is gradually creating a platform for the continuation and replication of common social problems in real life, such as bullying and violence. In recent years, the concerns about cyber violence or abuse have been increasing, but not for “gender based violence”, especially those targeting women and girls. Cyber Violence against Women can harm the victims on all levels, including physical, psychological and social, equivalent to the abuse in real life, sometimes more. The different types of cyber violence against women include, online stalking, ‘doxxing’, non-consensual pornography (or ‘revenge porn’), gender-based slurs and harassment, unsolicited pornography, rape or death threats, "sextortion", etc.

HER Fund believes this social phenomenon deserves attention of groups/ organizations promoting gender equality. However, it is lack of discussion and resources to address this issue in their frontline experiences. Therefore, we organized a workshop on 7th September 2019 to investigate the current situation, causes and impacts of cyber violence against women in Hong Kong, in the hope of raising awareness of the issue and gathering ideas among groups/ organizations to alleviate and solve the problem. Meanwhile, HER Fund will introduce the upcoming grant-making scheme about “Freedom from violence against women”.

Content of Workshop

1. “Cyber Violence against Women” Case sharing and ways to deal with
Guest speakers:
- Po Po G (Founder of facebook page “Good Moaning”)
2. Case sharing with different groups/ organizations, investigate the current situation, causes and impacts of cyber violence against women in Hong Kong
3. Introduction of HER Fund “Freedom from violence against women” grant-making scheme