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HER Hub Workshop - Sharing of "Bottom-up" Organizing Approach

On Jan 18, 2020, we got together with our partnering community organizers to rethink and re-examine our experiences and understanding towards the concept of “bottom-up” on both individual and organizational dimension.

We’re also glad to have organizers from Asbury Methodist Social Service, Les Corner and New Arrival Women League coming to share their journeys of the three-year project “Empowering Marginalized Women Combating Domestic Violence”, and how the project can be led by teenage girls, sexual minority women and new arrival women, realizing “Power Transition”.

“When we return the right to determine back to the teenage girls, let them inform us the knowhow and lead our way, it’s empowering to see their power are massive as volcano”, said Fei-yu, Social Worker from Asbury Methodist Social Service.

It’s like mountaineering in bringing “bottom-up” into practice, during the journey, you may encounter severe and extreme conditions, but by opening up ourselves for possibilities, we will see changes led by the communities and the social impact radiated from within.

“Empowering Marginalized Women Combating Domestic Violence” is a three-year project initiated as a way to provide more support to marginalized women who are threatened by intimate partner violence.
For details: https://www.herfund.org.hk/en/work/special/detail/25344828237737584

Special thanks to guest speakers below:

Feiyu (Asbury Methodist Social Service, Social Worker)
Emy (Asbury Methodist Social Service Social Worker)
Carrie (New Arrival Women League, Organizing Committee)
Joe (Les Corner, Chairperson)