Core Training Highlights 2020 - 2021 

Digital Security Training

Strengthening the resilience of the women's rights movement requires female leaders to place digital security firmly at the center of their engagement with the internet. However, digital security is often a frightening and technically confusing concept that is hard to grasp for many.

A pilot training series of Digital Security was developed by HER Fund and external consultants as a core capacity building for local community organisers to better understand and navigate security online. Participants were introduced to digital security concepts such as encryption, anonymity, privacy, and open-source software before training was conducted surrounding the related tools. The central ideas, information, and practices shared were grounded in promoting cyber safety.


  • 19 participants from 11 groups/organisations joined the series which created a space for local community organisers to explore and discuss topics such as online harassment, addressing privacy and safety online and how to be more secure in digital practices in communications and organising.
  • This pilot series successfully raised the awareness of digital security amongst local community organisers, opened up their minds and prepared them for planning and implementing necessary measures to mitigate potential risks.
  • 13 participants formed an informal network for the continuous building of knowledge and skills on digital security.

Transformative Feminist Leadership (TFL) for Grassroots Women Leading Change

Since 2019, the TFL trainings have created spaces, knowledge, skills and networks to women leaders with a focus on self-care. The trainings aim to empower grassroots and marginalised women leaders to build inner strength and self-awareness in hopes of strengthening their resilience and increasing their work impact

The 2020 TFL training included a series of workshops where participants had engaged in discussions, learning and exploration on topics like power, intersectionality, feminist approaches to self-care and communication to deepen and reflect the TFL concept. Part of the training included participants receiving financial grants and mentoring to facilitate change and to support the implementation of TFL in their organisations


  • 19 women leaders from 6 organisations participated in 53 hours of training since 2019.
  • 5 mentors provided over 48 hours of coaching and mentoring to 6 organisations, focusing on self-care and non-violence communications.
  • A supportive working group that shared the feminist perspective was built to walk with us throughout our journey of TFL implementation.
  • The participants successfully built solidarity among the different groups and women leaders.