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We believe in the power of the “marginalized”.
Grassroots and marginalized women have the strength and wisdom to build a fair and just society.
Every woman change-maker is a SHERO.

We believe in the power of “companionship”.
We are a sharing and co-learning community, and supporters are the founding rocks on which we build our human rights work.
Every donor and volunteer is a SHERO.

We believe in anyone who supports gender equality.
In spite of gender and identity.
You can be a SHERO too.

We had you as SHERO to enjoy the SHERO Night with our grantee partners last year; with the assistance of a sports platform Fitz, this year we will go hiking! You are invited to be SHERO again with your friends and relatives, together with us and our grantee partners, to walk the journey of Gender Justice!


Date: 17 Mar 2018 (Saturday)

Time: 08:45 – 12:00

Venue: Tai Tam Waterworks Heritage Trail, Hong Kong Island 

(3.8km, beginners need around 1.5 hour to complete)

Starting Point: Tai Tam BBQ site no.2

Destination: Tai Tam Country Park South Gate (Tai Tam Road)

Categories: Individual $300 / Double $550 / Family $1,080 

(Every participant will be entitled to a “她敢於改變”(She Dares to Change) T-shirt)

**All fund raised is used to support HER Fund's work of grant-making and capacity building

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About the route: Tai Tam Waterworks Heritage Trail


Situated in Tai Tam Country Park, Southern District of Hong Kong Island with a beautiful view. Suitable for hiking beginners and families. 

We can see declared monuments in Tai Tam Group of Reservoirs along the way. From 1883 to 1917, to cater for the citizen’s demand for water, the government implemented Tai Tam Scheme and Tai Tam Tuk Scheme by constructing much larger reservoirs and more complex water supply systems.


Event Content (Updating):

HER Fund Chairperson Mandy Cheung, Acting Executive Director Judy Kan, Artists Lung Siu Kwan, Dean Siu and LGBTIQ PROUD Founder Mimi Wong will start the walk together

WISE HK who specializes in promoting women sports will lead warm up exercises for all participants

綠腳丫who organizes family activities will provide a kid-friendly space with books and bricks to inspire both parents and kids

A LGBT+ friendly organization PrideLab, Teen’s Key who concerns young girls and Virtuous Lady Club who concerns women’s health will talk about the challenges a woman encounter

A post-80s hiking lover will guide your through the monuments in Tai Tam Reservoirs (Cantonese Only)

The environmentally-friendly organization The Green Earth will set up a recycling station to support clean recycling

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Along with joining the event in-person, you can support the event through the following ways:

 1. (Limited Edition) “She Dares to Change” T-Shirt / Tote Bag  Buy Now!

Designed by the Chinese Brush Calligrapher "Draword" and partically sponsored by feloSOPHIE, "She Dares to Change” souvenirs are on sale now!

 “She Dares to Change” T-Shirt (Adult / Kid): $100

She Dares to Change - Tshirt for adultShe Dares to Change - Tshirt for kid

“She Dares to Change” Tote Bag: $100

She Dares to Change - tote bag

[Set Price]“She Dares to Change” 1 T-shirt 1 Tote Bag: $190

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 2. “Support Grantee Partners / Friends” SPONSOR NOW!  

You are also invited to sponsor your friends / our grantee partners if you're unavailable to join.

A donation of $300 can sponsor 1 grantee partner to join the walk and become "SHERO" together!




Enquiry: 2794 1100 / event@herfund.org.hk


Co-organizer and media partner:



Partner (Updating):


Draword - 畫字



Women in Sports Empowered HK


Teen's Key

Virtuous Lady Club

The Green Earth


Supporting Organization (Updating):

Association of Women with Disabilities Hong Kong