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URGENT: Support HER in Times of Crisis

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The 2020 instability brings disproportionate effects to the already marginalised women, girls and trans people.
HER Fund sees them and calls for your kind attention and action.

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COVID-19 increases systemic gender inequality

COVID-19 has hit hard the women's, girls' and trans people's daily life from necessities and social interactions to education, jobs, and the economy. Our grantee-partners tell us about their the hard-economic challenges in #HomeKong blows to large groups of women with increasing #inequality.

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Help HER Fund to support our grantee partners in difficult times

Your contribution will provide flexible funding that allows grantee-partners to sustain themselves and their resilience, so they can continue their crucial work in the future.

Donate today to support this critical work and ensure that movements for gender equality remain strong, no matter what comes their way.

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