Grant Projects

Adolescent Girls' Sexual Violence Concern Group
Period 2020-2021
Partner Branches of Hope
Project Code G2026
Grant Amount(HKD) HKD$49,400.00
Concern Area Freedom from Violence
Sex education remains relatively incomplete and unpopular in Hong Kong. With the rocketing use of the Internet under COVID-19 and a lack of safety guidelines for online dating, teenagers are easily exposed to online sexual violence. In recent years, image-based sexual violence (IBSV) and sexual coercion become prevalent. Teenage girls are at higher risk of being sexually trafficked if they are being threatened or coerced by IBSV perpetrators.    
Through establishing the Adolescent Girls’ Sexual Violence Concern Group, STOP wishes to educate adolescent girls on knowledge of cybersecurity and sex trafficking, promoting the prevention of sex trafficking among adolescents. Through publications and public education, STOP intends to raise public awareness and boost understanding on cyber-sex trafficking, sex coercion and image-based sexual violence, in preventing human trafficking, and building a trafficking-survivors-friendly society. This project also aims to cultivate volunteers to concern about this issue, bringing impact and changes to society.