HER Human Library: READ‧FEEL‧ACT !
22 Jan, 2016


HER Fund will co-organize the second “HER Human Library” with the Centre for Social Policy Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University on 21 February 2016 to promote:

Direct Dialogue‧Free from Prejudice

Some women are being labeled because of their race, type of work, gender identity, sexual orientation, migration status and so on. And “HER Human Library” hopes to tackle these labeling and prejudices by creating equal and sincere dialogues between “Human Books” and “Readers”. The activity will invite seven marginalized women as Human Books to share their life stories and interact with participants.


After the dialogue, “Readers” can join as “HER Readers Club” members, and learn more about gender and women’s issues, and are welcome to bring in different innovative ideas to promote gender human rights work together with HER Fund !

Event Details:

  • Date: 21 February 2016 (SUN)
  • Time: 1:30-5:30PM
  • Venue: GH201, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Registration: Please fill in this online registration form
  • Enquiry: Tel  27941100 / Email

“Human Books” List:


Human Book

Freedom from Violence

Migrant Domestic Worker” living in shelter after experiencing maltreatment

One-Women Brothel Sex Worker” who works in an isolated environment

Freedom from Discrimination

Young Mother” who chose to drop out from school and give birth to her daughter

Male to Female Transgender Person” who is a Taekwondo black-belt coach

Working & Breast Feeding Mother” who experienced discrimination at work

Freedom from Poverty

Grassroots Carer” who is a new immigrant from Mainland China

Promoting Civil Participation

Young Woman District Councilor” who hopes to bring in democratic values into the community

More Information: “HER Human Library” Official Blog


HER Fund

Centre for Social Policy Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Supporting Organizations:

Department of Applied Social Sciences, City University of Hong Kong

Department of Applied Social Sciences, HKCT Institute of Higher Education

Department of Sociology & Social Policy, Lingnan University

Applied Social Sciences Specialisms, Hong Kong Community College, PolyU

Gender Research Centre, Chinese University of Hong Kong

School of Arts & Humanities, Tung Wah College

Women’s Studies Research Centre, The University of Hong Kong


Let’s Break Prejudice Together! Volunteering for HER Human Library!
08 Jan, 2016

HER Fund will organize our second “HER Human Library” on 21 February, continues to tell real life stories of marginalized women in Hong Kong, and to create equal and sincere dialogue in order to eliminate prejudices and discrimination.

If you want to turn your takeaways into action, and want to break prejudices with HER Fund, please consider to join “HER Human Library” as a volunteer ! Below are the details of the event and volunteering work:

Event Details


 HER Human Library 


 21 Feburary 2016 (SUN) 


 Polytechnic University of Hong Kong 


 12:30 pm - 5:30pm (Volunteer briefing included) 


 Tel: 2794 1100 / Email:

Volunteers Needed (Past “HER Human Library” participants Preferred)

 Volunteer Type 


 Required No. 

 Child-care Helpers 

 To take care of children at different ages


 Human Book Helpers 
  • To assist the operation of “reading” sessions;
  • to make sure readers comply with reading instruction;
  • to do translation when needed (Chinese and English oral translation.) 



 To help with translation during opening and closing sessions. (Chinese and English oral translation.)



 To take event photos, need to bring your own camera, with event photo shooting experience preferred.



If you are interested to join as a volunteer, please fill in this registration form by 22 January 2016. And we will get back to you as soon as possible.

16 Nov, 2015

HER Fund “SUFFRAGETTE” Charity Premiere was successfully held on 9 November (Monday). We are so grateful to your support and generous giving ! The Event was able to raise over HKD300,000 for our 2016 grantmaking to empower marginalized and socially disadvantaged women to combat violence, poverty, discrimination and to promote their civil participation.

Our heartfelt appreciation to our officiating guests, guests, sponsors, media partners, grantee partners, donors, audiences and volunteers ! It is with you generous support that the event could be so amazingly successful ! THANK YOU !

Ms. Caroline Wilson, British Consul General to Hong Kong and Macao, Ms. Cyd Ho Sau-lan, Member of Legislative Council and artist Ms. Gloria Yip officiated at the opening ceremony of the Premiere. Guests bursted the ballon chains symbolizing “Break the chain! Equality for all !” Ms. Emily Lau, Mr. Fernando Cheung Chiu hung, Mr. Lee Cheuk Yan, Members of Legislative Council, also joined us at the premiere.


SUFFRAGETTE is about British women fought for their rights to vote since 1910s. Nowadays in Hong Kong, there are still lots of women who are being marginalized and made invisible in society. They are facing threats from violence, discrimination and poverty, and hard to participate in civil society. Many “SHE” are determined and take the courage to voice out and advocating change to the unjust situation !  HER Fund is committed to mobilize resources and to build capacities for these courageous women who are dare to change !


Please consider joining HER Fund as regular monthly donor, volunteer, or following our news via:

LIKE HER Fund facebook

Photo Album of the Premiere  |  Original Photos of the Premiere

Year 2016/17 Grant Cycle 1st Phase Call for Proposals
04 Nov, 2015

*Note: Only applications from Hong Kong will be considered.

HER Fund is a registered charitable fund, runs by and for women, founded in 2004 in Hong Kong. We support initiatives that defend and promote women’s rights. We aim to advance local philanthropic support to women’s rights work in Hong Kong through fund-raising, grant-making, capacity building and public education.

We did a strategic review on our grant-making strategy and effectiveness this year according to the social change. From the past 3 years’ experiences, we see the need to maintain our support to the less funded and least resourceful women’s initiatives. In order to strategically make grants for bringing greater impact to advance women’s human rights, HER Fund decided to focus our grant-making on the following 4 themes from 2015 to 2018

1) Freedom from Violence

2) Freedom from Discrimination

3) Freedom from Poverty

4) Promote Women’s Civil Participation

You can find the details of the above 4 themes, grant amount, and application requirement from the belowed “Guide to Application”.

We, hereby, invite you to apply the grant for Year 2016/17 1st Phase. The timeline of the coming cycle is as follow:

Application Deadline: 17 December, 2015
Grant Announcement: On or before 28 February, 2016
Project Starts Date: 1 March, 2016

 You may download the soft copy of the funding guidelines and application form the below links or by contacting us via e-mail:

Should you have further query, please feel free to contact our Programme Officer Ms. Judy Kan by 2794-1100 or

Thank you!

Reserve Tickets Online NOW! “Suffragette” Charity Premiere
05 Oct, 2015


HER Fund is proud to announce that we will host a grand film premiere of “Suffragette “, inspired by true stories of the British suffragette movement in 1920s, the film illustrates how a grassroots woman worker determined to defend for their human rights and freedom, and to make the marginalized voices being heard.

Proceeds from the Premiere will go to HER Fund for advancing gender equality by giving grants to and building capacity of the least resourceful and marginalized women in Hong Kong. Your support is vital for every HER who dares to change! Details of the Premiere:

Date: 9 November, 2015 (Monday)
Ceremony: 9:00pm
Screening Time: 9:45pm
Venue: The Grand Cinema (2/F, Elements, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon)
Ticket Type:
HK$250/ HK$500/ HK$1,000

Other than attending the charity premiere, you can also support this event by donating to sponsor marginalized women such as foreign domestic helpers, young girls, grassroots women careers to attend the event, to help them learn more about valuing and upholding gender equality for themselves and for others.

Reserve Tickets NOW:


Except for online donation, you may choose to download and fill in this form to reserve tickets and sponsor marginalized women to attend the Premiere.

Enquiry: 2794 1100 /

About the film:
Suffragette is an intense drama that tracks the story of the foot soldiers of the early feminist movement, women who were forced underground to pursue a dangerous game of cat and mouse with an increasingly brutal State. Fighting for the right to vote and for freedom, these women were not only from the genteel educated classes, there were working women among them who had seen peaceful protest achieve nothing. Radicalized and turning to violence as the only route to change, they were willing to lose everything in their fight for equality - their jobs, their homes, their children and their lives. Maud was one such foot soldier. The story of her fight for dignity is both heart-breaking and inspirational. (Trailer)

Update on relief work of Nepal Earthquake from Tewa  (The Nepal Women’s Fund)
02 Oct, 2015

More than five months after the earthquake, it is enlightening to see the corn fields of the affected communities are almost ready for harvesting! “At this point we feel what the community needs most is healing from the trauma and encouragement,” says Yelisha Sharma, Communications Director for Tewa.

Immediately after the earthquake, Tewa provided urgently-needed support for women and children, giving them tarps, food, medicine, sanitary pads, and maternity packages. During this relief outreach covering 112 communities in 15 districts, Tewa gave off a little over US$500,000 within the first 60 days. 23,000 households were reached, and some 7000 postnatal/pregnant women, elderly and children were supported directly. In particular, a group of 4 Tewa volunteers helped to set up and outfitted a camp which comprises of meeting and office space, kitchen and dormitories for the physically challenged including the visually impaired ones. The volunteers provided care and built lasting relationship with them.

The camp after outfitted, floor was smooth and allowed visually impaired to walk

Since now the immediate needs have been met, Tewa has designed a program called “Barefoot Volunteers” to begin addressing long-term recovery by mobilizing mutual support amongst the people. “Our strength of Tewa is that we have grantees who are from non-affected areas, actually went out to the fields to care for those affected by the quake, so we can see what people need directly,” says Yelisha. The “Barefoot Volunteers”, after training, are helping in counseling, taking care of children, cooking, working in the fields, etc. This kind of help is important in the way that they act as people’s valuable ‘friends’ who they can depend on, not only physically but also psychologically. These volunteers themselves find it fulfilling too to see how these people are gradually recovering from trauma, overcoming fear and loss, and bravely moving on.

Barefoot Volunteers Training

The Chair of Tewa gave a traditional send-off to volunteers preparing to go to the fields

Thank you again, your kind support and donation played a vital role in helping them well equipped to face all the long term challenges with resources and love!

Silenced Voices...Film Screening on Migrant Domestic Workers Stories
13 Jul, 2015
Sexually harassed by your employer ?, why don’t you leave?
Being battered ?, why don’t you call the police?
Under paid and deducting holidays, why don’t you fight for it?
And why you have to borrow money fromthe loan sharks and ended up in great debts ? 
You might have the above doubts concerning the migrant domestic workers. But,what exactly is their situation? What are the struggles they have gone through that keep them in silence? 
If you want to know more about their real situation, their fear and struggles, and what can be done, please join our film screening next Saturday (25/7). you will have the chance to participate in thedialogue between the film director and the organizer from Mission For Migrant Workers (MFMW).
Event Details:
Date: 25th July, 2015 (Sat)
Time: 2:30-5:30 pm
Location: 14/F, Foo Tak Building, 365-367 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong (Exit B of Causeway Bay MTR station, opposite to Tin Lok Lane)
Fee: $50 or above donation
(After deducting the cost, all proceeds will go to HER Fund for supportingprojects for the marginalized and least resourceful women.)
 >> JOIN NOW !
Screening 2 films : :
- Beautiful Life (Director: Mr. Chan Ho Lun) with Chinese and English subtitles
- Ah Fang wants to go home (Director: Ms. Chan Hsiu Lien) with Chinese subtiltes only
1. Cynthia Adbon Tellez 
 - General Manager, Mission for Migrant Workers (MFMW)
 - MFMW is a migrant workers organization advocating for  Erwiana’s case, also a HER Fund’s grantee partner; 
2. Mr. Fredie Chan Ho Lun
- Director of Beautiful Life
Join in by :
Step 1: Complete the registration form online
Step 2: Donate ($50 or above) via the following methods:
    -Method 1: Bank-in Donation 
    Standard Chartered Bank A/C Number: 301-101-5301-1
    Bank of China A/C Number: 012-898-1-036069-0
    -Method 2: Online donation
    -Method 3: Crossed cheque
    Payable to "HER Fund Ltd" and post to us with your name and contact
Step 3: Please send the reciept or online donation record via email to:
After receiving your donation, we will contact you via email or phone to confirm your registration. Please be remind of it!
A special sourvenior is prepared for your attendance to this activity. Thank you ! 

Call for Application: Year 2015-16 (2nd Cycle)
23 Jun, 2015


HER Fund did a strategic review on our grant-making strategy and effectiveness this year according to the social change. From the past 3 years’ experiences, we see the need to maintain our support to the less funded and least resourceful women’s initiatives. In order to strategically make grants for bringing greater impact to advance women’s human rights, HER Fund decided to focus our grant-making on the following 4 themes from 2015 to 2018: 

1) Freedom from Violence
2) Freedom from Discrimination
3) Freedom from Poverty
4) Promote Women’s Civil Participation

You can find the details of the above 4 themes from the belowed “Guide to Application”. Meanwhile, we also change our grant giving cycle to twice a year. The timeline of the coming cycle is as follow:

Application Deadline: 30th July, 2015 (Thursday)
Grant Announcement: On or Before 14th September, 2015
Project Starts Date: 1st October, 2015

Guide to Application

Grant Application Form

Should you have further query, please feel free to contact our Programme Officer Ms. Judy Kan by 2794-1100 or e-mail:

Thank you!

Grant Announcement: Year 2015-2016 (1st Cycle)
11 Jun, 2015

AWID research in 2010 revealed that the budget for women’s organizations all over the globe was scarcely inadequate compared to other charities. (1) Women’s groups in Hong Kong also facing this problem, especially for rights based groups which challenging the resources distribution and state power. That’s why HER Fund makes seed grants to support the least resourceful and marginalized groups that doing bold and new initiatives.

In the 1st grant cycle this year, HER Fund makes grants of $215,000 to 6 women’s groups as follow:

Grant Project

Grantee partner

Freedom from Violence


Bethune House Migrant Women's Refuge Limited

Freedom from Discrimination

Hong Kong Breastfeeding Mothers' Association
New Women Arrivals League

Freedom from Poverty

The Association for the Advancement of Feminism

Promoting Civil Society Participation


Teen's Key

Tin Shui Wai Community Development Network


HER Sparkles - Stimulates Young Women's Action for Change
02 Jun, 2015


HER Sparkles started the peer learning sessions last month, which emphasize on addressing gender issues with youth and gender perspective. The first session is on campaign building and project management. Participants would exchange experiences with other Sparkles and guest speakers and refine their action plan and start their project 3 months later!

Smantha, one of the participants said:

"I have never heard of the idea of "youth-led", its a new stimulation for me from the peer learning session. The atmosphere of the session makes me feel equal and dare to speak out my thoughts and even to challenge each other's."

SENDING OUR BLESSINGS TO TEWA, the Nepal Women’s Fund--helping the needy with gender perspective
05 May, 2015

The earthquake was fierce but we can do a bit more to bring peace and kindness to those in Nepal with desperate need. Tewa, the Nepal Women’s Fund is one of the sister funds of the Asian Network of Women’s Fund which HER Fund belongs to. It is a trustworthy indigenous grassroots grantmaker working for social justice and peace for 20 years and has supported many grassroots women's groups all over the country.

Tewa’s immediate relief efforts include: 

•      Mobilizing Tewa staff and volunteers to distribute relief packages of medicine, water purifier, masks, sanitary napkins to the outskirts of Kathmandu and surrounding areas of Bungamati, Sankhu, Lubu, Khokana;

•      Visiting makeshift camps in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur and directing women who are in the process of birthing, nursing, post natal/ prenatal care to the correct places, distributing clothing and food, with blankets to protect them from the rains;

•      Working with a group of NGOs to establish a soup kitchen to cook food for the victims in hospitals;

•      Educating people in the makeshift camps on health and hygiene awareness since there is danger of an epidemic due to unhealthy living conditions; and

•      Assessing the needs of our grantees and their communities in the affected districts to create immediate, short term and long term plans to support them in terms of relief and rehabilitation.

HER Fund urges your immediate donation in support of the relief work of Tewa, please Action Now ! thank you !


Donations to Tewa can be made online by Justgiving 

(JustGiving administrative fee and Credit card transfer fee will be deducted.)

You may see Tewa's relief work via their facebook page and website.

Mother’s Day Veggie Flower Workshop/ Charity Flower Gift Sale: Send HER your Love!
23 Apr, 2015

Mother’s Day is coming soon (on 10th May)! HER Fund will organize a “Vegie Flower Workshop” and “Charity Flower Gift Sale” to encourage you to pay tribute to your mothers and other mothers in the society. And the proceeds of the two activities will donate to HER Fund to advance women's human rights.

Details of “Veggie Flower Workshop”:

Ordinary as vegetable, can be special and beautiful, like our mothers. To experience mother’s hard work, is a great way to show your love. Let’s break the daily routine, create your own “Veggie Flower”, and cook a dish for her!

>> Registration <<

Details of “Charity Flower Gift”:

The Flower Gifts are Hand made by students of “Share Talent” floral class (Share Talent is an innovative fundraising platform of HER Fund).

>> Order <<

Deadline for Registraton and Order: 5 May 2015 (Quota is limited, first come first served, order will be confirmed after payment.)

Contact & Enquiry: Email: / Tel: 27941100


International Women’s Day 2015: Make It Happen HER Fund Announces the Grantees of
07 Mar, 2015


Every March 8, International Women’s Day recognizes the achievements of women globally. HER Fund believes that IWD is a day for “HER” globally – women and girls, includes a diversity of occupations, ethnicities, social status and cultural identities. 

In response to IWD’s theme “Make It Happen” this year, HER Fund is excited to announce the grantees of “HER Sparkles – Young Women’s Action for Social Change” on 7 March, 2015. HER Sparkles is the latest young women’s project that supports young women, aged 18 to 28, who dare to make changes related to gender and youth issues.
HER Fund has received a total of 22 applications from the public. Projects demonstrate the capacity to create positive social and human rights change, that are creative and innovative, that with clear objective and are achievable within the given timeframe, would be considered. Finally, 8 out of 22 projects were selected. 
Grantees will receive HK$10,000 for the implementation of the one-year-project. They will also participate in a series of collective learning program to enhance the project through peer support.


Project idea:
1. Arouse public awareness of gender minorities through drama.
2.Make use of “barter” and online platform to assist migrant workers to build networks; to encourage them to speak up for themselves and for their community.
3.Develop an online program on sex education, from the perspective of teenagers.
4. Narrow the gap of gender discrimination in arts world through exhibition and interviews of female contemporary artists.
5. Co-produce a documentary film about immigrant families together with the family members.
6. Collect stories of menstruation experience and organize exhibition to address “M-taboo”of the society.
7. Encourage women to talk about sexual desires through exhibitions.
8. Promote the diversity of period products from cultural and environmental perspective.

To know more about HER Sparkles :

#hersparkles #herfund #MakeItHappen #IWD2015

HER Annual Report 2013-14
06 Mar, 2015

(click here to access HER Annual Report 2013-14)

As we count our blessings, we especially want to say thank you to you for your giving and support to HER Fund ! Last year we celebrated our 10th Anniversary and as we looked back we noticed that by laying one stone after another, we were paving the way from its fundamental. Each stone means a piece of work from our grantee, a giving from donor, a new capacity building program, a women’s funds’ collaboration, an initiative with corporate partner, a successful or not too successful event… All these pieces of stone built this unique path leading towards our goal for women’s human rights and social justice.

Yes, HER Fund has moved beyond the role of a funder. We are a changemaker, by grantmaking we encourage new initiatives, addressing the needs of the marginalized. We organized capacity building programs for partner organizations to strengthen their sustainability; we bridged our grantees to access new resources and funders. We are a network weaver, as through our effort, we bring women’s groups together for a common cause and networking with women’s funds around the world; we are also an advocator and a communicator, we share the stories of our grantees and made visible the needs of the most neglected and marginalized women. All these could not have happened without your support !

Event Hightlight: Racewalk for HER 2015
18 Mar, 2015


“Racewalk for HER 2015” was held successfully in 18 Jan! The Race raised HKD$192,956.88 for HER Fund. Purpose of the Race is to promote race walking and to support HER Fund’ work in grant making and to help marginalized and the least resourceful to be empowered and advance social changes in their livelihood. We thank every partners, supporting organizations, guests, performers, walkers, donors, volunteers, and venue! See you next year! 

(You may enter the event website to see the photos and video highlight)


Capacity Building Programme: Walk with “HER”, Step by Step
05 Mar, 2015


Other than making grants, HER Fund also sees the importance of strengthening grantee partners’ capacity for their sustainability. Since late 2013, HER Fund supports three of our grantee partners, JJJ Association, New Women Arrivals League (NWAL), and Concerning Group for Women Poverty, to have capacity building programme and strengthen their capacities in fund raising, financial management, membership organizing, and organization operation. This 3-year programme arranges a trainer for each grantee partner for guidance and companion, also help to apply the knowledge and experience they learnt in programme to their organization.

Now, after one and half year, we are glad to share that the core training has been done and enter the phase of practice. Below is the reflection and sharing of the participants from their last core training session: 

“I feel more happy, confident, and powerful; "

"I feel beautiful, become more expressive, know more friends; "

"Better understand different women’s difficulties, and know more other organizations; "

"It is good to exchange idea with others; "

"Learn more on fund raising, finance, membership organizing, and direction of self-help;"

 "The direction of our organization is getting clearer and clearer!” "

Following their Steps, Changes are Happening!

JJJ Association now understands it is important to recruit and organize more volunteer to support their outreach work, so they are now recruiting in universities and community colleges. NWAL did a fruitful retreat and set their annual plan successfully; core members and staff know their position and duty better; core members and staff know their position better and able to contribute more independently. Concerning Group for Women Poverty made some donation box and place in their office for fund raising; and they did street stations to promote themselves and the women poverty issues in Tuen Mun, their base area.

Mobilizing Resources, Support Financial Education Program for Sex Workers
01 Mar, 2015

Except for grant making, HER Fund also mobilizes resources to support grantee partners' need. Sex workers often face problems of unstable income and high rent, thus make them difficult to plan their future. So HER Fund is now planning a financial education program tailor made for one woman one brothel sex worker together with a+b=3, a group which is experienced in providing financial education to marginalized groups, and with JJJ Association, our grantee partner. The program hopes to encourage sex workers to realize their plan and expend their life choices. It is recruiting now and will kick off at March 2015.

HER Sparkles -Young Women’s Action for Social Change
05 Jan, 2015

Call for application!

We are going to have a a young women’s project called “HER Sparkles - Young Women’s Action for Social Change” supporting young women who are dare to make changes.

(Click the below image to visit HER Sparkles official blog.)

Put your ideas into action! Submit your project and apply to be a grantee. All successful applicants will receive:

– a fund of HK$10,000 to implement your initiative
– Participate in a collective learning program
– Broaden your social networks
– Enhance your project plan through peer support

Project Criteria:
– Related to gender and youth issues
– Create positive social and human rights change
– Creative and Innovative
– Clear objectives that are achievable within the given timeframe

Who Should Apply?:
– young women aged 18 – 28
– demonstrate gender and human rights’ perspectives
– able to work in a team
– willing to share and learn
– responsible and reliable
– Self-motivated
– Communication and project management skills (preferable)

Selection Process:
1) Complete the application form by February 5, 2015;
2) Interviews with shortlisted candidates (Week of 9th Feb, 2015);
3) Announcement of successful candidates (First week of March, 2015)

Making your first step:
Complete our online application form. Places are limited, only shortlisted candidates will be informed by email or phone.

Should you have further query, please feel free to contact our Programme Officer Ms. Zoe Chan or Ms. Judy Kan by 2794-1100 or e-mail:

1. Application form :
2. Important dates :
3. HER Sparkles Blog :

Last Call! "Racewalk for HER 2015" Deadline Postponed
16 Dec, 2014


Deadline for enrollment is postponed to 29 December 2014, and the extended deadline for donation is 5 January 2015. Please visit the "Racewalk for HER 2015" website for more details.

Year 2015 – 18 Grant-making Themes & Call for Proposals
11 Dec, 2014

HER Fund is a registered charitable fund, runs by and for women, founded in 2004 in Hong Kong. We support initiatives that defend and promote women’s rights. We aim to advance local philanthropic support to women’s rights work in Hong Kong through fund-raising, grant-making, capacity building and public education.

We did a strategic review on our grant-making strategy and effectiveness this year according to the social change. From the past 3 years’ experiences, we see the need to maintain our support to the less funded and least resourceful women’s initiatives. In order to strategically make grants for bringing greater impact to advance women’s human rights, HER Fund decided to focus our grant-making on the following 4 themes from 2015 to 2018

1) Freedom from Violence

2) Freedom from Discrimination

3) Freedom from Poverty

4) Promote Women’s Civil Participation

You can find the details of the above 4 themes from the belowed “Guide to Application”. Meanwhile, we also change our grant giving cycle to twice a year. Next grant invitation will be started around mid-year, please browse to our webpage for more details later. The timeline of the coming cycle is as follow:

Application Deadline: 20th January, 2015 (Tuesday)

Grant Announcement Date: On or before 18th March, 2015

Project Starts Date: 1st April, 2015

We, hereby, invite you to apply the grant for Year 2015 - 16. You may download the soft copy of the funding guidelines and application form the below links or by contacting us via e-mail:

Guide to Application

Application Form

Project Report

Should you have further query, please feel free to contact our Programme Officer Ms. Judy Kan by 2794-1100 or e-mail:

Thank you!

“Racewalk for HER 2015” Registration STARTS NOW!
23 Oct, 2014


Registration for “Racewalk for HER 2015” is opened NOW!
HER Fund and Sahn Hahng Tai Bo Racewalk Association co-organized the first “Racewalk for HER” in January, 2014. It was successful to attract over 200 enthusiastic participants to join the race, and raised HKD200,000 for HER Fund! After deducting the cost, all donations were contributed to supporting local marginalized women’s groups’ self-help projects and for improvement of their livelihood.

This year, we are glad to have the continuous support by “HER Daring Stars” – the popular singer and song writer, Ms. Lung Siu Kwan, and former Legislative Councilor and Vice President of the Civic Party, Ms. Tanya Chan. They will join the Premium Team Relay on the race day to show their support!

Racewalk for HER 2015” will be held on 18th January, 2015 (Sunday) at 12noon at the Tseung Kwan O Sports Ground. Races include:

- 800M Experience
- 2,000M Open
- 4 x 100M Premium / Team Relay
- 2 x 400M 2-Person Relay

There are both regular racewalk training and intensive racewalk training by Sahn Hahng Tai Bo Racewalk Association. All the training, races, and registration information, please go to:

Our heartfelt thanks to the following sponsors of the event : Hung Fook Tong, Han-Fang Chinese Medicine Co. Ltd., Glam-it, SUNPLAY, Vibe Photo Art, Glory-in Chinese Medical Clinic, C2 Master of Ceremonies Volunteer Group, 2nd Half.

Click here for the highlights of “Racewalk for HER 2014”:
Click here for photos of “Racewalk for HER 2014”:

Your support definitely makes a difference in advancing the well-being and human rights of women, especially for the marginalized and least resourceful.
Please join us NOW!


2013/14 Audited Report
16 Oct, 2014

Latest Audited Report is ready!
Click here to read Audited Report 2013/14 to get more idea on our financial status and how we use it in the past financial year.

I Care for HER Fund
14 Oct, 2014

 In this October, if you click the button "I Care" in HER Fund's JustGiving Page, a $10 donation will be given to HER!

In the past ten years, HER Fund has made over 90 grants to advance human rights of grassroots, marginalized women and for young women's empowerment. Please support!

Care for HER Now!

“She Dares to Change” Human Library
23 Sep, 2014


Direct Dialogue‧Free from Prejudice

“She Dares to Change” Human Library will bring out the real stories of many marginalized women which include those who are discriminated because of their gender; migrant workers; lesbians; transgender women, carers, sex workers, new immigrant women, and women activists. We hope to make social change by direct communication and dialogue.

Human Book List:

brothel sex worker, lesbian, migrant domestic worker, carer, transgender, newly arrived immigrant woman, union activist, land rights activist

We are also pleased to have Mr. Pong Yat Ming, who first introduced the “human library” to Hong Kong; and Professor Ho Sik Ying from the University of Hong Kong, to share with us on how to read a human book.


Date: 9 Nov 2014 (SUN)

Time: 1:30 – 5:30pm

Venue: G4302, AC 1, City University of Hong Kong

Registration: Please click here to register

Enquiry: 27941100 /

* Please note that most of the speakers and human books will use Cantonese. Translation service (English - Cantonese) and childcare service will be provided if needed.



HER Fund

Department of Applied Social Sciences, City University of Hong Kong

Supporting Organizations:

Department of Rehabilitation and Social Sciences, Tung Wah College

Women’s Studies Research Centre, The University of Hong Kong

Gender Research Centre, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Centre for Social Policy Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Department of Applied Social Sciences, HKCT Institute of Higher Education

Department of Sociology & Social Policy, Lingnan University

Newly Arrived Immigrant Women: Tell Our Stories for Anti-Discrimination!
15 Aug, 2014


It is common nowadays to learn stories about new immigrant women in news feed, media and social media. However, often those images portrayed or stories narrated are through the eyes of the authors/producers rather than from the women themselves. With the current tension between Hong Kongers and Mainlanders, images presented are often polarized, from seeing them as victims to rejecting them as invaders. The situation of grassroots new immigrant women, the most marginalized group among new immigrant, is likely to be hidden and distorted. That’s why members of New Arrival Women League (NAWL), a self-help organization of grassroots new immigrant women, are now organizing a story telling training to break those stereotypes and diaphragm. The training is supported by HER Fund and the NAWL members are committed to prepare themselves to go into different communities and schools and tell their life stories, and hope more people would understand their real situation.

If you want to know more about HER story, please visit "HER News"!

Your Monthly Donation Keeps HER and Many Hers Dare to Change ! Be Our Monthly Donor NOW !
16 Jun, 2014

We together achieved so much

We are very grateful to your trust, support, and companionship in the past 10 years. Without you, there would be much less that we could achieve. Since our establishment, we have given grants to over 90 projects, a total of 3 million HK dollars and supported over 25 women’s organizations, within which, 11 are marginalized women self-help groups/organizations to advance women’s human rights. Here we would like to share with you our 10th Anniversary Publication and the video of our Celebration Day. 

We, As Funder

This year, we continue to receive many meaningful projects seeking grant support from HER Fund. The projects are from women of diverse background who strive for their rights and justice. The applicants include transgender, foreign domestic workers, new immigrant women, survivors of domestic violence, lesbians and sex workers, etc. who are facing different forms of threats and violation to their human rights. Our small grants support is a seed grant, and a unique source that allow new initiatives to realize and to grow. 


We are More than a “Funder” !  

HER Fund sees herself as part of the social change movements, we are more than a funder!

We run capacity building programs, provide resource referral, connection with other foundations, introducing professional volunteers, and provide opinion to our grantee organizations, which are grassroots self-help in nature, for we see this is the way to enhance their sustainability and development.


As one of our grantee partners, Lai Kwan from JJJ Association said,

“HER Fund is different from other foundations, because no other foundations will give you the grant AND, help you to find other sources of funding and support. The most I appreciate HER Fund is that they help us to build resources, both financial and human resources.”


Our partner, Helping Domestic Helpers, Holly said,

“If HER Fund thinks the application or the proposal might not work, they will come and discuss with us, provide suggestions and help us with the application.”


Challenges Ahead, Be with Us!

One of the challenges to us is the termination of funding from a core international funder. In order to sustain the impact of change made and to continuously support the least resourceful, most invisible, marginalized women for pursuing and safeguarding their human rights, we need your support to keep the mission moving on, please be our Monthly Donor!


Please download the donation form and send us back by or post to 1A, 217 Fa Yuen Street, Prince Edward, Kowloon. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via 2794-1100 or

Thank you!

HER Fund X FMTP Charity Performance
30 Apr, 2014

(This content is Chinese only)



「好戲量」劇團載譽重演的劇目《女兒紅》,將於5月16日晚上8:00在伊利沙伯體育館,進行慈善演出,當中部分收益將撥捐「婦女動力基金」(HER Fund),支持性別平等及婦女人權工作。


由賴恩慈一人擔演,從少女初潮、強姦o靚模、求愛中女、墮胎職婦、同性婚姻演至奪命援交,把一幕幕似遠還近的故事立體呈現。當中的故事並非無中生有,而由各個「一人一故事劇場」 (Playback Theater) 收集回來,經故事分享者同意後,再把故事劇場化。從而,希望呈現更多不同的女子面貌,及其面對的種種處境。(更多詳情


日期:2014年5月16日 (星期五)


地點:伊利沙伯體育館 (香港灣仔愛群道 18 號)


$384 (此乃慈善折扣優惠,原定票價為 $480);及$280


1. 網上預訂

2.電話預訂:請在辦公時間 (星期一至五10:00-18:00) 致電2794-1100

查詢:電話 2794-1100 / 電郵

Final Result of “She Dares to Change” 2014 Award
08 Mar, 2014

Congratulations to these daring women! They are: 

Joanne Leung, who has been a tremendous force driving changes on transgender issues, and she is a founder of the Transgender Resources Center;

Tina Luk, who has been actively promotes social justice and workers’ rights;

Li Fung Mei, who fights for the rights of famers. She is preserving the local agricultural culture;

Lenlen Mesina, founder of Enrich, Hong Kong’s premier training organization for financial literacy, entrepreneurship and communications for migrants;

And Kwong Ho Ying, a brave victim of a gender discrimination case, who fought for the rights in wearing trousers to teach.

Call for Proposals
06 Feb, 2014

We, hereby, invite you to apply our General Grant Application.

  • Application Deadline: 20th March, 2014
  • Grant Announcement Date: On or before 20th May, 2014
  • Project Starts Date: 1st June, 2014

You can download:

You can also click here to find our priority and criteria of our grant-making. Should you have further query, please feel free to contact our Programme Officer Ms. Judy Kan by 2794-1100 or e-mail:

Invitation to Nominate Candidate for the first “ She Dares To Change“ Award
23 Jan, 2014

HER Fund believes in the wisdom and capacity of women to determine their needs and aspirations and to develop strategies to achieve them. In the past ten years, we witness daring women in face of all kinds of challenges, yet can stand firmly on their feet to create positive changes to their lives, to the lives of other people and to the community. The impact is significant, as when women benefit, the whole society benefits, as women are mostly care-givers in the family, in the community and in society at large.

By 8 March, 2014 will be HER Fund’s 10th Anniversary and we wish to celebrate this day acknowledging passionate women who dare to make changes, for a better and just society by the “She Dares to Change” Award.

Do you know a she like HER?

With faith, passion, and courage, advance social justice!

Nominate HER now!

For nomination and more details, please visit the official “She Dares to Change” Award blog

Deadline of Nomination: 18 February, 2014

(Prizes including: free of charge round-trip air ticket sponsored by HK Express, cosmetics package sponsored by StrawberryNET.)


And we will present the Award to these daring women on 8 March 2014, HER Fund’s 10th Anniversary Party!

IPSA Face Color Designing Palette x HER FUND Charity Set
17 Jan, 2014

HER Fund appreciates the support from IPSA ! The donations will be used for promoting women's rights and gender equality for women in the marginalized sector!

From now on until 20th January, you can purchase IPSA Face Color Designing Palette in special price HK$430 (original price HK$597) when you purchase any product at IPSA. IPSA will donate 5% of this Palette to HER Fund. Please go and grap one now.

Racewalk for HER 2014
17 Jan, 2014

The aim of “Racewalk for HER 2014”, which had been held smoothly on 12 Jan 2014, is to promote race walking to the general public and to raise funds for HER Fund to support empowerment projects for marginalized and disadvantaged women and girls in Hong Kong, such as newly arrived women, low income women workers, migrant workers.

We hereby thank you supports from (in no particular order):

Co-organizer: Sahn Hahng Tai Bo Racewalk Association

Guests: HER Daring Star – Ms. Lung Siu Kwan, Ms. Tanya Chan, Mr. Cheung Chiu Hung, Ms. Ng Sau Man

Sponsors: dotdot.. ULTRA VITAMIN PRODUCTS, Hung Fook Tong, SCHIESSER, Vibe Photo Art, Han-Fang Chinese Medicine Co.Ltd, Ms. Tse Chor Ying

Line-dance Performers: Power Star, Dancing Shero

Volunteers: C2 Master of Ceremonies Volunteer Group, AVS volunteers, HER Fund friends, Volunteers and Coaches of Sahn Hahng Tai Bo Racewalk Association

Venue: Tseung Kwan O Sports Ground

Special Thanks: LCSD, Mr. Dean Siu, Mr. Cheung Kwok Keung, Mr. Bill Purves, Mr. Tse Chun Hung

At last but not least, we have to thanks all the walkers’ support and audiences!

We will announce the donation amount very soon. More photos on and

【Racewalk for HER 2014 - Final Result】

Result of "Racewalk for HER 2014" is available now, please click here to access:

"Glam-Her" Campaign
30 Oct, 2013

Please click here to learn more about GlamPact.
Click here to donate online.
Click here to download our donation form.

Please call us at 2794-1100 or email: for more information.

28 Oct, 2013

HER Fund's friends will RUN for HER!

Elco, Yolinda, Aries, Morrissey love running marathon, they will RUN for HER Fund in the coming Athens Marathon on 10th November!

They create a fundraising page on Just Giving, please go there to support them:

Their fundraising target is HK$10,000 for grassroots women and violence against women! Please give your blessing to them to achieve both marathon and fundraising target!

2012/13 Annual Report
30 Oct, 2013
In 2012-13, we are proud to see our grantees making bold and effective strategies to create changes to the lives of women, to assert their rights and to challenge the unjust systems that put them in a vulnerable situation.

Click here to read our Daring Changes in the past year.
Click here to read our Audited Report.


Welcome Raees Baig as our new Executive Committee Member
17 Oct, 2013
HER Fund is delighted to announce that our Executive Committee Members for Year 2013/14 elected at our AGM meeting on 13th October, 2013 are as followed:

Chair-person: Ms. Mary Ann King
Vice-Chairperson: Ms. Fong Man-ying
Hon. Secretary: Ms. Fung Pui Kee, Brigit
Hon. Treasurer: Ms. Lam Ying-hing
Executive Member: Ms. Lam Chi Chung, Irene; Ms. So Yuen Man, Phoebe; Ms. Cheung Hiu Wah, Mandy, Ms. Raees Baig

  We are delighted to have a young and energetic new Executive Committee Member, Ms. Raeees Baig, to join us and contribute her knowledge to us. In the coming year, with the leadership of our young, energetic and committed Executive Committee members, HER Fund continues to strive her best in building resources for the advancement of women's rights and empowerment.

We need your support! Join us as a friend of "Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of HER Fund" !]
02 Sep, 2013

Just 200 Days and we will be 10 years old !
To celebrate HER Fund's 10th Anniversary, we will be organizing various activities aiming to raise public support and awareness of women's human right, and to share the past achievements that we have made together with our partners, grantees and supporters.

As we are counting down to the big day, we especially create a
Facebook Fan Page to deliver the latest news on the 10th Anniversary. Please show your support to us by just click "Like" to be a friend of us and we will keep you updated!

We hope you will join us by supporting the 10th Anniversary of HER Fund!

Interviewed by Scenario
09 Aug, 2013

Linda, HER Fund's Executive Director, was interviewed by Sceniro, a HKCSS magazine, on how to achieve good cost effectiveness and high transparency for small NGOs. Linda used HER Fund as an example, she would lower the operation fee of the organization, and mobilize most of the resources for grant making to local marginalized women. And keep close and regular communications with donors and supporters with newsletter and grantee visit, also to public the fund's audit report.

Click here to read the full version (Chinese only).


HER News: My Story My Voice
17 Jul, 2013

"The most beautiful thing is to live well."

This is Qun Jei's motto, a newly arrived woman from Mainland China. She dares to challenge the unfair social status quo, and to fight back discrimination with other new immigrant women.

Would you listen to her story in the
latest HER News?

SCMP interviewed Linda To
03 Jun, 2013

Linda was interviewed by SCMP, and explained our work according to our principles : Transparency, Accountable and Participation.

Quote from SCMP interview:

Linda To Kit-lai, executive director of the HER Fund, says upholding accountability is particularly important for charities like hers. The group derives income from fundraisers and private donations.

"Our existence depends on the support from our donors, who have every right to know how we are spending their money," says To. "Maintaining transparency entails a cost, but if you think it is something worth doing, you will do it."

Read the full version on SCMP page, or click here for pdf version.


Welcome Ms. Jennifer Cheng as our Advisor
20 Dec, 2012
  Welcome the Founder and CEO of Glam Girl, Ms. Jennifer Cheng, becomes HER Fund's advisor!

Jennifer is a passionate player in the world of new internet technology and a veteran of the online media and social space.She was awarded the title of Most Promising Entrepreneur at the prestigious Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2011 in Hong Kong. In 2012, Jennifer was recognized with the SuperAchiever Woman Award at CMO Asia.

Jennifer will help in bridging HER Fund to her network. She will also bring her knowledge to us to build a better fundraising and communication strategy.