HER Hub Capacity Building Workshop Series: On Members Building, Community Organisation and Leaders Nurturing

The development and work of local grassroots and mutual-help groups and organizations are not without hurdles. It is challenging for them to build members, encourage continuous participation and nurture new leaders. These difficulties hinder their organizational development. As a more devastating fact, it is particularly difficult for a majority of these groups and organizations to garner public attention and receive resources and support because they serve and advocate for the rights and empowerment of marginalized issues and groups whose very existence and needs are not even recognized by the majority of the society. How can these groups and organizations organize and mobilize the marginalized communities gradually and effectively? How can they expand and deepen the impact of their community mobilization efforts to nurture new leading power in different subsectors so that various grassroots, marginalized and women communities can be empowered?

This workshop invited Dang – Chairperson, Thai Migrant Workers Union, Wai Wai Yeo –Member, Les Corner Empowerment Association and Chan Hoi Chi and Chan Shu Fai – Staff members, Eddie Chu Hoi Dick’s LegCo. Office to share their experience on building and expanding their member base and strengthening the members in the communities for advocacy. They also discussed their ways to achieve community empowerment and nurture new leaders for different positions. Participants from grassroots and mutual-help groups/organizations also exchanged their experiences through small-group discussion. They reflected on issues and questions in their work of community and leader building and to explore new possibilities of development.

Date: 8 October, 2017
Time: 2:30pm – 5:30pm
Location: 10/F, Stelux House, 698 Prince Edward Road East, San Po Kong, Kowloon