HER Funds aims to improve the condition of the society and combat gender and sexual discrimination. It protects the human rights of women and transgender people. Its experiences in grant-making, accompaniment and short-term training programs over the years have suggested one thing: it is crystal clear that, in order for different grassroots groups and organizations to achieve gender and sexual equality effectively and sustainably, HER Fund has to build the leadership, organizational and developmental capacity of the groups and organizations.

In sight of such need, HER Fund established “HER Hub” in 2017. The Hub is a platform where different stakeholders, including woman/transgender leaders, different groups and organizations and professionals, gather and lend one another their hands and exchange their power. Through series of workshops, talks, core trainings and mentorship scheme, the different stakeholders will build the capacity of leadership, community mobilization and organizational development for the groups and organizations together. The joint effort will improve the life situations of women, transgender people and other marginalized community and bring about social changes. 

The HER Hub Workshop Series cover topics including: Members Building and Leader Nurturing, Governance and Internal Management.