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Strengthen capacities of grassroots, marginalized and emerging small women's groups & organizations to deliver sustainable impact and social change



HER Hub Objectives


For women's rights organization

Raise awareness on organizational capacities building

Acquire new knowledge and raise organizational capacities

Mobile new resources to support their work

Build network and solidarity among participating grassroots organizations


For women leaders

Acquire new knowledge and raise capacities and inner strength as leaders

Build self-confidence through implementation and mentoring sessions

Build an understanding of the situation of marginalized women among professional volunteers and public


For professional volunteers

Share experiences and knowledge to enhance the capacities of women rights organizations and leaders

Facilitate women leaders to unleash their potential

Build an understanding of gender issues and situations of marginalized women



HER Hub is the flagship capacity-building programme of HER Fund, dedicated to giving grassroots leaders a helping hand they need, that to put their energy, drive, and ideas into action.

HER Hub consists of 3 parts:

Inspired  Inspired - Short-term workshops and sharing to inspire and ignite initial learnings, practice reflections and identify in-depth learning needs. Aimed at improving and strengthening of organizational capacity, and to bring insight on the gender perspective of the organization's work.

Core  Core - In-depth and integrated learning to targeted women groups' leaders and staff to strengthen their organizational and leadership capacity. The empowerment process goes through the cycle with 4 phases: To Learn; To Reflect; To Integrate; To Evaluate.

Energizer  Energizer - To converge resources which act as fuel to support the capacity building work and sustainable development of the Hub, including Grant support, documentation and production of training materials, mentoring or coaching, strengthening knowledge and skills by sharing with local, regional and international network.



HER Hub Impact

420 participants 

36 grassroots organisations

80+ training sessions 

50+ professional volunteers/mentors


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