She Builds Capacity

HER Hub Capacity Building – The flagship capacity-building programme of HER Fund.

Strengthen capacities of grassroots, marginalized and emerging small women’s groups & organizations to deliver sustainable impact and social change


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Core Training Highlights 2020

HER Fund held training sessions for grassroots and marginalized organizations over a period of 6 months. The sessions included topics on organizational development and leadership supported by practices. HER Fund also provided transformative feminist leadership training and skills of public speech, to strengthen the foundation of organizations/groups’ gender perspectives.



HER Fund focuses on the sustainable development of grassroots organization. 55 participants from leaders of 20 organizations/groups participated in Transformative Feminist Leadership Training

  • Improve leaders' awareness on their status of body and mind, understand the interaction between individuals, work, society, or daily life, to build a leadership style with gender perspective.
  • From personal growth to self-reflection of a leader of the organization, each group received a grant of max. HK$42,000 for practicing group leadership with gender perspective.