HER Hub Workshop - "Human and Money": Managing Organization with Gender Perspective


Gender mainstreaming is a key element in promoting gender equality. Many local civic organizations and NGOs, despite concerns over women’s rights and gender issues, fail to incorporate a gender perspective into the flow and structure of management due to resource scarcity. In view of this, HER Fund works with Dr. Leung Lai Ching, associate professor of the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at City University of Hong Kong, to launch the Gender Auditing the Work of NGOs in Hong Kong research in November 2017. The research reviewed and explored internal management systems that have a high degree of gender sensitivity, so as to equip NGOs and organizations with effective tools to promote gender equality. Also we have designed a Gender Audit Checklist for participating organizations to conduct self-evaluation and to formulate gender-sensitive decisions regarding internal policies and project execution.    

Through our partnership with various grantee partners, we understand the challenges of manpower planning and financial management faced by many them. Thus, HER Fund organized a workshop on 24th Nov, 2018 to discuss with NGO staff, committee members and core members dedicated to promoting women’s rights and gender equality the key issues that could improve internal management and facilitate development in the workshop. These issues include:    

1)  Introducing the outcome of research, titled Gender Auditing the Work of NGOs in Hong Kong, by Dr. Leung Lai Ching;

2)  Using the Gender Audit Checklist to review internal management and explore feasible options for improvement; and

3)  Improving manpower development and financial management with a gender perspective and limited resources.