She Builds Capacity

HER Hub Capacity Building – The flagship capacity-building programme of HER Fund.

Strengthen capacities of grassroots, marginalized and emerging small women’s groups & organizations to deliver sustainable impact and social change


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Due to the successive establishments of trade unions for Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW), HER Fund organized training workshops to promote FDW rights. The purpose of the training was to facilitate participants to undergo structured training that would increase their confidence in external communication, enable them to effectively express topics and contents of interest in a clear and attractive manner and better understand their abilities from their performance, paving the foundation for further development and learning.


  • Sponsored by Linklaters, 17 core members, from 5 unions, had the opportunity to improve their skills of sharing personal stories with the public and how to express their position on human-rights persuasively.
  • Participants were trained and mentored by 6 staff of Linklaters. The project allowed Linklaters‘ staff to have a better understanding of marginalized women organizations/groups and their challenges.
  • Almost 80% of the participants expressed increased confidence levels in public speaking and mastering the speaking skills.