HER Hub - Transformative Leadership for Women and Girls

Women leaders are facing very difficult situations pressurized by their marginalized identity, on work and as individuals. They need support to empower internal strength more than practical skills for running effective organizations. Their emotional well-being, self-efficacy & internal strength are important contributing factor to the organizational sustainability.

To create space, knowledge, skills, network & accompaniment to women & girl leaders on resisting the burnout and empower them to create personal balance, focus and resilience to strengthen their organizations and to increase their work impact, HER Hub is going to organize “Transformative Leadership Training”. 

Target Participants
Group / organization promoting gender equality and women’s right in Hong Kong (Priorities to HER Fund’s grantee partners)
2. Core members / leaders / organizers of the group / organization

Level 1
【Group 1】Training date & time (Venue to be confirmed)
1st session: 29th May (Wed)  10am - 5pm6 hours
2nd session: 12th June (Wed)  10am - 5pm6 hours
3rd session: 28th June (Fri)  2pm - 5pm3 hours
4th session: 10th July (Wed)  2pm - 5pm3 hours
5th session: 24th July (Wed)  2pm - 5pm3 hours

【Group 2】Training date & time (Venue to be confirmed)
1st session: 1st June (Sat)  10am - 5pm6 hours
2nd session: 15th June (Sat)  10am - 5pm6 hours
3rd session: 29th Jun (Sat)  2pm - 5pm3 hours
4th session: 13th Jul (Sat)  2pm - 5pm3 hours
5th session: 27th Jul (Sat)  2pm - 5pm3 hours

No of hours: 21 hours
No of participants: 20ppl / group (2-5 ppl from each organization)
Language: Cantonese
- HK$50 travel allowance will be provided to each participant for each session. Lunch (Full day only) and refreshment will also be available.
- Each group / organization has to pay HK$1,000 deposit. Deposit is refundable upon all participants in the particular group/organization reaching 80% attendances in

Level 2*
Date: October 2019 – August 2020 (Date and time to be confirmed)
No of hours: 14 hours + mentorship programme
No. of participants: 20 participants from Level 1
Language: Cantonese
Purpose: To deepen learning of Level 1 & implement the learning in organization with maximum HK$50,000 grants.
* More details will be announced at the end of Level 1 training

 Application – Level 1
1. Fill in the application form – Word / PDF
2. Submit the application to jadeto@herfund.org.hk 
3. Meeting will be arranged to understand the organizations’ situation and needs during 22 April – 5 May.
4. HER Fund will announce the list of participants on or before 12 May