Mini Human Library: Lesbian Priest-Successfully Conducted!



hank you Priest Grace to be our human book and all the diligent readers!

Before reading, some readers said they didn’t know whether this book was a “horror fiction” or a “love story”. They also thought that “priest” and “lesbian” were two contradictory identities.

After reading, the readers discovered the book was a “biography”. They also learned more about Christianity. This experience reminds us that the world is changing. We should not criticize other people’s worth. “What she is” is not defined by us. 

She is a lesbian and also a priest.

Growing up in a priest family, she was inspired to serve Christ.

Knowing herself as a lesbian from a young age, she hoped that religion could change her sexual orientation.

Before disclosing herself as a lesbian, she lived with her husband and daughter.

Until Grace met “her”, she found back her sexual orientation, resolutely left home and disclosed her lesbian identity.

Now she is a priest in the Church of One Body in Christ. Her biggest wish is that her church can become a “no wall church” which accepts all people (gay and lesbian, marginalized people, and sex workers, etc.) to worship together.