She Tells Story, She Has Strength !



HER Human Library 2016 was successfully organized on 21 Feb 2016. The event attracted over 100 readers, volunteers, and media friends to join. We all together put “Read‧Feel‧Act” into practice !

Gloria Yip, the Human Book Ambassador, shared her life story at the opening: she started her career in the entertainment industry at the age of 13 and had been active for 8 years since then. She is now 42 years old, had had different jobs, but she has been always labeled as “artiste”. “But I am also a Hong Konger, a mother, and an art creator! ” Gloria stressed her other identities and encouraged participants to understand the human book in a multi-dimensional manner. She recalled that she started to concern about feminist issues when she studied Arts, and shared her writing on women artists’ actions for social justice.


After the reading sessions with 7 marginalized women “Human Books”, the readers had the following post-reading thoughts:

•“ Am very impressed by the idea mentioned by Terry, that ’sex’, ‘gender identity’, ‘sexual orientation’, and ‘personality’ can be four different things. ” – Reader of “Transgender” Human Book.

•“Sex work is a work. It has its bitterness, happiness, takeaway, and satisfaction; it can also be a motivation. There are many reasons behind their choice, but they all deserve greater recognition and respect. ” – Reader of “One-Woman Brothel Sex Worker” Human Book.

•“Carer is a tough job, suffering in silence. Only if more people admire their contribution and to promote equal share of housework, women carer will continue to bear the responsibility alone. ” Reader of “Grassroots Carer” Human Book.

After the post-reading sharing sessions, many readers joined as “HER Readers’ Club” member to promote gender equality and human rights work with HER Fund. Please stay tuned on their actions in the near future!