【Sharing Session on Transformative Feminist Leadership: How to Take the Organization Further】
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Not only do individuals drives the values important to them, collective power is also important. That is why we come together. However, coming together is not easy. Different opinions lead to growing discontent. It becomes challenging to find the space to take care of oneself or the energy to take care of others. Moreover, there is a higher possibility of experiencing burnout and eventually leaving the organization.

ABOUT Transformative Feminist Leadership (TFL)
TFL is grounded in feminist principles and a person-centered approach. It focuses on the holistic well-being of each organizer while exploring how organizations can embody shared values. Over the past five years, HER Fund has considered TFL as an immersive experience for individuals and collectives to distill wisdom. The programme includes workshops, co-learning sessions, companion projects, and grant. We collaborated with grantees to explore and practice approaches such as deep listening, participatory decision-making, and shared power.

[Sharing Session on Transformative Feminist Leadership: How to Take the Organization Further] TFL organizers and participants will share their knowledge, learning, and personal feeling or experiences in TFL.

Sharing Session’s Contents
HER Fund on TFL: Why did HER Fund introduce TFL in the first place?
TFL’s Human Library: Sharing acquired knowledge, skills, and practical experiences from the personal perspectives of HER Fund employees and TFL participants, as well as personal or organizational transformations.
Experiential Workshop: Several exercises to get more aware of personal feelings; sort out and share one’s experience with an organisation with the goal of gathering collective wisdom.

Date : 20 – 1 – 2024
Time : 2 – 5 pm
Venue : Prince Edward
Quota: 30 (First come First Serve)
Deadline of registration: 15 – 1 – 2024


*The event is in Cantonese with English interpretation.

Illustration by Rung Sheng Chou

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