Empowering Diversity Grant (Year 2024/25)(Application Closed)


Grants of max. HK$28,000 will be made to support grassroots organizations offering support services and programming for ethnic minority (EM) women and girls (including migrant workers, refugees, and asylum seekers).

The objective of this project is

1. To promote gender equity for the ethnic minority community in Hong Kong
2. To strengthen the ecosystem of grassroots organizations working to promote the rights of ethnic minority women and girls in Hong Kong
3. To foster a network of leaders from the ethnic minority community

There will be accompaniment throughout the planning, implementation and evaluation process. Applicants are expected to have a preliminary vision for the betterment of the community, while a concrete proposal is not necessary.

4 capacity strengthening sessions will be provided for successful applicants. They will be focused on equipping future leaders with essential skills and qualities to promote gender equity in Hong Kong. Project leaders are expected to attend all sessions.

Amount of each grant: Maximum HK$28,000
Application guideline: Empowering Diversity Grant (Year 2024/25) Application guideline
Application form: Empowering Diversity Grant (Year 2024/25) Application Form

Should you have any queries, or any concerns regarding the format of the application forms, please contact our persons in charge: Kwok Kei and Jade To, by calling 2794-1100 or emailing grant@herfund.org.hk

*This project was funded by Hong Kong Club Foundation.