General Grant 2024/25 (Cycle I) (Application Closed)
Objectives: Strategically make grants for empowering marginalized women, awareness-raising, facilitating systemic change, strengthening leadership or organizational development, and building movement or alliance through four grantmaking focus. (Freedom from violence, Freedom from discrimination, Freedom from poverty and Advancement for women's civil participation)
Implementation Period & Project Duration: Within the period of 1 July 2024 - 31 December 2025 (Maximum of 18 months)
Application deadline: 11:59 pm, 20 April 2024 (SAT)
Amount of each grant: Maximum HK$120,000
Guide to application: Guide to Application (General Grant)
Application form:

Please fill in the following TWO online forms and ONE Excel document

1) Group/ Organization Basic Information Form

2) General Grant - Project Application Form

3) Detailed Budget Plan

For details of our grantmaking strategies and focus, please visit:

Should you have any queries, or any concerns regarding the format of the application forms, please contact our persons in charge Jane Wong and Jade To, by calling 2794-1100 or emailing