Grant Projects

EMpowering WoEMn
Period 2021-2022
Partner Hong Kong Unison
Project Code G2122
Grant Amount(HKD) HKD$44,000
Concern Area Freedom from Poverty
Outline This project is self-led by two ethnic minority young women, who aim to provide learning support for their peers who are deprived of education and lack of employment opportunities due to social, cultural and religious factors The project will equip ethnic minority young women with computer skills and help them to identify freelance jobs so that they can earn a living through the confines of their homes. Also, bi-monthly peer support gathering sessions will be organised to engage the women in the network and provide them with help if necessary. By nurturing skills and self-esteem, these peers are anticipated to develop their financial independence and be empowered to tackle the roots of their problems confined by the social norms and cultures.