Grant Projects

A Better Me - The Glam Up of Trans Woman
Period 2022-2023
Partner Quarks
Project Code G2220
Grant Amount(HKD) HKD $50,000
Concern Area Freedom from Discrimination
Outline This project seeks to support transwomen who are undergoing or preparing to experience their gender affirmation. Many transwomen get lost and distressed when undergoing process of “real-life experience”. Having portrayed an expected standard image to fulfil, and yet with limited experience, they often fall into high anxiety levels and have low self-esteem.

In light of this, the project aims to explore the diversity of beauty, and together, break the rigid, mono-standard gender stereotypes. Moreover, by providing make-up and styling classes, and inviting transwomen peers who walked through the journey to share their experiences, the project aspires to assist and facilitate the community to create an image of their own, identify their true selves, and lead a smooth and self-fulfilling gender-affirming journey.