Grant Projects

Transitioning the Community Farm
Period 2022-2023
Partner Tin Zi Zok Wai
Project Code CRG2202
Grant Amount(HKD) HKD $30,000
Concern Area Freedom from Poverty

Tin Zi Zok Wai is dedicated to establishing a more human and community-based economic model for the community in Tin Shui Wai. Through the work of its sisterhood, they seek to reaffirm women's talents and values, emphasizing the value of mutual trust and commitment to the community. There are currently six working groups led by more than ten of its female members to serve its goals, namely the Agriculture Group, Sales and Supply Chain Group, Food Processing Group, Workshop Group, Community Guided Tour Group, and Grassroots Bazaar Group. 


In the past year, the Agriculture Group has been sustaining heavy blows due to the severe epidemic situation. Shortage of manpower weighed on the farming work to such an extent that it halted the farm operation and disrupted the production and supply chain. Three of the core members have unfortunately contracted COVID-19 during the period. Given their elder age, which lengthened the time for their recovery, adding to their familial obligation of caregiving, it has been difficult for them to dedicate themselves to agricultural work. As such, the group began to face tremendous operational difficulties. 


In view of this, the granted project supports the organisation in recruiting a part-time farmer to assist agricultural work, hoping to gradually resume the self-sustaining operation model, and rebuild the sustainable community farm. The project also aims to create a more women-friendly community farm operation model, and enhancing the cooperation and cohesion of members amongst the Agriculture Group.