Grant Projects

migrants community emergency plan during the fifth-wave pandemic
Period 2021-2022
Partner Indonesian Migrant Workers Union (IMWU)
Project Code CRG2107
Grant Amount(HKD) HKD $30,000
Concern Area Freedom from Discrimination

Since the fifth wave of COVID-19 pandemic, the volatile situations and ever-changing policies have brought migrant domestic workers into unstable working conditions and limited access to updated information. As one of the most vulnerable communities, yet lacking support from the social welfare domain, migrant domestic workers have insufficient resources and have to rely on their own to seek material donations and raise money among themselves for mutual support. 


In light of this, the granted project supports the migrant community organisers to provide help for fellow migrant domestic workers, giving them support and advice during tough times. Part of the grants would be distributed for broadening their outreach, while enhanced training would also be provided to help them keep abreast of the situations and enrich migrant workers’ knowledge of the pandemic.