Grant Projects

Reproductive/Mental Health - Care Program
Period 2022-2023
Project Code G2229
Grant Amount(HKD) HKD $65,400
Concern Area Freedom from Poverty

FLUID Hong Kong is a newly formed organisation dedicated to improving the rights and living of intersectional women and sex/gender minorities. Their work included hosting sex education training for parents and professionals, offering counselling services to the sex/gender community, and hosting public seminars to raise public awareness. 


This project aims to address women's reproductive-related emotional well-being needs. Pregnant women, first-time mothers, and those who have had a miscarriage, terminated a pregnancy, or had an induced abortion are among those targeted. Through group therapy, one-on-one counselling, and storytelling sessions, FLUID Hong Kong hopes to improve women's reproductive health in general, including physically, mentally, and societally. These projects are meant to empower them and help them grow as individuals. Simultaneously, the project hopes to raise public awareness in order to reduce the stigma and taboos associated with the subject, so that people are more willing to discuss related issues.