Public Education and Outreach 2020 - 2021


In the past year, HER Fund was invited by different organisations to share the fund’s experiences. These were valuable opportunities to raise public awareness of gender issues and to encourage parties to work together to promote gender equality in different areas.  
Redefining the Modern Family 

Executive Director, Judy Kan, was invited along with other female leaders in Hong Kong to be part of a panel at the Women's Festival Hong Kong on October 24th, 2020.  The festival has built its reputation for its bold programming and this year saw its focus on health of the female body. Judy and the panel discussed reproductive rights, body autonomy and the causes and consequences of sexual and reproductive health violations.  


woman 1  

Raising Our Next Generation with a Conscious Sense of Respect in All Genders.   

HER Fund was invited to celebrate International Women’s Day 2021 with the 123 Show on RTHK Radio 3. Executive Director, Judy Kan, was on air to discuss how women take a very important role in the family and in society. Judy highlighted that women’s status, power, strength and rights are some of the very critical issues that should be discussed publicly and openly to help further the goal of gender equality. 


Building Change Collectively  

To commemorate International Women's Day 2021, HER Fund joined The Women’s Foundation and a diverse panel of experts in a virtual session to discuss women’s issues through a gender lens, exploring the tools and partnerships needed to address these issues and advance gender equality. Speakers included Cecilia Chan | HKU, Judy Kan | HER Fund, Jodi Schneider | Bloomberg, and Adrian Warr | Edelman  


Supporting Women in Times of Crisis 

HER Fund Senior Programme Officer, Jade To, joined Metro Radio Hong Kong on 6 June 2020 to share the current situation of grassroots women and their communities during COVID-19 while promoting HER Fund’s Community Response Grant, which provides immediate material and service support to organisations affected by COVID-19. 


The Importance of Women’s Rights 

HER Fund collaborated with Impact HK and other rights-based organisations to hold an online campaign to celebrate International Human Rights Day 2020. The campaign encouraged individuals and organisations to publish a video on how they view the meaning of human rights. HER Fund’s Senior Programme Officer, Man Yee Siu, shared the importance of Rights Education.