HER Fund Charity Screening “A Woman is a Woman” 

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Sexually marginalized communities tend to experience multiple forms of discrimination. Of particular concern is discrimination against transgender women (hereafter “transwomen”), who often find themselves rejected and abandoned by their family members. In an attempt to help transgender individuals to speak out, HER Fund is organizing a charity screening of the film A Woman is a Woman for both public education and fundraising purposes. All net proceeds from the screening will be going to HER Fund’s work on grant-making and capacity building to promote gender equality.

This ground-breaking film on gender would not have been possible without HER Fund’s grantee partner Association of World Citizens Hong Kong China, which raised money for the film as well as monitored its shooting and production. The cast and production team included transwoman and professional artists who champion LGBT rights. Inspired by true events, the film highlights the struggles of transwomen for self-realization and social recognition as they combat social stigma and go through the process of transitioning.
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【About the Charity Screening】

Date: Nov 2 (Friday)
Time: 7pm
Venue: UA Cine Times, Times Square, Causeway Bay

【Support the Screening】

1. Donate $1,000 (Zone A)* / $500 (Zone B) / $300 (Zone C) for ONE complimentary ticket of correspondence zone. (*Light refreshment will be provided for Zone A)
   Seating Plan
2. Donate $4,500 for Zone B complimentary ticket x 10 

3. Sponsor HER Fund grantee partner to join the Screening, including low-income women, single parent, sexually marginalized communities, caregivers, migrant domestic workers and young women. (Each $300 donation will sponsor 1 woman or girl to join the screening)

4. Donate HER Fund to empower women to promote social changes for gender equality through grant-making and capacity building.

Please support us by:

1. Online donation (Credit Card only)
Via Ticketflap
2. Bank transfer / Bank-in
Fill in Donation Form
- Complete the payment within 3 days. (Through Standard Chartered OR Bank of China)
- Send the bank-in slip to us with your name and contact number to event@herfund.org.hk
- We will send confirmation to you via email

Account Name: HER Fund Limited
Standard Chartered Bank A/C Number: 301-101-5301-1
Bank of China A/C Number: 012-898-1-036069-0

【Ticket Collection】
- By Post (Local surface mail, only for donation before 21/10)
- Collect ticket at Screening reception (30mins before the screening starts)



(1) “Transwomen:The Becoming of” Transgender Women Simulation Experience

A Woman_event 1_Eng - S
Many transwomen lead a double life, dressing up as a woman during social gatherings and donning menswear at home to avoid conflicts with family members. Through this interactive and experiential workshop, participants will experience the joy and pain of transwomen as they embark on the life-changing journey of gender transformation. The goal is to facilitate participants to reflect on LGBT issues and to show transgender persons respect and acceptance.

Session A
Date & Time:
29/9 (Sat) | 2-5pm
Venue: Wan Chai Activities Centre (LG/F, Wan Chai Market, 258 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong)

Session B
Date & Time:
20/10 (Sat) | 2-5pm
Venue: Mong Kok Community Hall (L2, Mong Kok Complex, 557 Shanghai Street, Mong Kok)
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(2) "A Transwoman is a Woman”: Her Real Woman Sharing
A Woman_event 2_Eng - S
“Real Woman?” Is there any “fake woman”? In fact, there are all kinds of women in this world who, despite their differences, strive for self-realization against all odds.

Alice is a transwoman. Growing up in a Chinese family, she is also a Christian. She realized during puberty that she wanted to live her life as a woman. After years of self-struggle, she decided to transform her gender identity. Despite facing fierce objections from her family, church, friends and society, she persists and considers the decision the best choice she has made in life.

Alice will join us as the “human book” for this reading session. Through in-depth self-disclosure and interactions with audiences, Alice will show us the joy and pain of a resilient individual struggling for self-realization and social acceptance.

Date: 13/10 (Sat)
Time: 4-6pm
Language: Cantonese
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Enquiry: Jade To (Tel: 2794 1100 / Email: event@herfund.org.hk)