In Hong Kong, HER Fund keeps connection and mutual support with Gender Research Centre, The Chinese University of Hong KongWomen's Studies Research Centre, The University of Hong Kong, and the Women's Coalition for Equal Opportunities.  HER Fund is also an agency member of the Hong Kong Council of Social Services, a federation of non-government social service agencies of Hong Kong.

In 2020 HER Fund received a Social Capital Builders Award from The Community Investment & Inclusion Fund, Labour and Welfare Bureau - The  Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government.  The award recognises NGOs and corporates who have contributed to the development of social capital in Hong Kong.

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Acting as the bridge between the
 local Hong Kong women’s groups and the international women’s movement, HER Fund is committed to the mission of connecting to create opportunities for both sides to share and learn from each other in hopes of further promoting global gender equality.  
  • VIRTUAL | HER Fund’s Fundraising and Communication team attended the Resource Mobilisation Programme held by Prospera. HER Fund is a member of Prospera - International Network of Women's Fund, which comprises of a total of 44 women's funds based globally. We gather to create greater collaborative opportunities to develop technical skills and knowledge, and mobilise resources to support one another and generate a means to support women, girls, and trans people. The Resource Mobilisation Programme Module focused on Women and Money where the team joined member funds in Asia Pacific to reflect what money means to us, as individuals and as part of our organisations; we further reflected on how we could make the most out of the funding we receive to provide resources to marginalised women and girls. 
  • ASIA PACIFIC | Prospera - International Network of Women's Funds was divided into different compositions, together with representatives of the Prospera Secretariat to come together to represent Asia and the Pacific. The 4-day meeting aimed to improve the fund’s ability to work better within the region and mobilise more resources together. A collective agreement was made to lay down principles and practices for the collective to follow, while a COVID-19 Learning Circle was created to provide learning and sharing opportunities from the other women’s funds. HER Fund’s Executive Director Judy Kan also became Prospera’s Asia & the Pacific Chapter Co-Coordinator. The 8 women’s funds are: HER Fund, Korea Foundation for Women, Fiji Women’s Fund, Mongolian Women’s Fund, Urgent Action Fund Asia & Pacific, South Asia Women Foundation India, TEWA – Nepal's Women’s Fund, and Women’s Fund Asia.  
  • VIRTUAL | HER Fund’s staff and board participated in a Financial Resilience Webinar Series held by Prospera to learn about ways to improve the organisation’s financial system and strategy. The training led to a decision to create a financial reserve policy, which involves making steps towards building a financial reserve to increase HER Fund’s financial resilience capacity.