International Partners and Networks

HER Fund is a member of Prospera - International Network of Women's Funds, which comprises a total of 44 women's funds based in Africa, Asia,  Latin America, Europe, and International Women’s Funds. Established in 1998, the Prospera is the hub of a dynamic, global movement of women’s funds, philanthropic organizations drive to change the world for women, girls, trans people, and their communities.

Within Prospera – International Network of Women’s Fund, HER Fund is part of the Asia region named “Prospera Asia-Pacific”, together with TEWA (Nepal), MONES (Mongolia), Korea Foundation for Women (South Korea), Women's Fund Asia (Asia), SAWF-India (India), Fiji Women's Fund (Fiji), Urgent Action Fund Asia & Pacific (Asia & Pacific)

HER Fund is also a member of Human Rights Funders Network (HRFN). Founded in 1994, HRFN is a global network of human rights’ grant-makers committed to advancing human rights around the world through effective philanthropy.



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