International Partners and Networks

HER Fund is a member of Prospera - International Network of Women's Funds, which comprises a total of 44 women's funds based in Africa, Asia,  Latin America, Europe, and International Women’s Funds. Established in 1998, the Prospera is the hub of a dynamic, global movement of women’s funds, philanthropic organizations drive to change the world for women, girls, trans people, and their communities.

Within Prospera – International Network of Women’s Fund, HER Fund is part of the Asia region named “Prospera Asia-Pacific”, together with TEWA (Nepal), MONES (Mongolia), Korea Foundation for Women (South Korea), Women's Fund Asia (Asia), SAWF-India (India), Fiji Women's Fund (Fiji), Urgent Action Fund Asia & Pacific (Asia & Pacific)

HER Fund is also a member of Human Rights Funders Network (HRFN). Founded in 1994, HRFN is a global network of human rights’ grant-makers committed to advancing human rights around the world through effective philanthropy.



International Networking Highlights 2020

To bridge the local women’s groups with the international women’s movement, HER Fund is committed to the international community for local Hong Kong women’s groups to share and learn from each other for better global gender equality.



Canada|HER Fund attended the PROSPERA'S X BIENNIAL organized by Prospera International Network of women's funds to discuss the role of women's funds in the current context, and share challenges, successes, and lessons learned from those experiences.

Canada|During the Women Deliver 2019 Conference, HER Fund joined 8,000 others in Vancouver, Canada — with more than 200,000 others joining remotely — world leaders and youth leaders, frontline changemakers and social entrepreneurs, activists, advocates, and academics came together to drive progress on gender equality through the lens of power.

India|HER Fund joined Prospera Asia and the Pacific Regional Meeting to discuss the overview of The Work – From Hong Kong to Mongolia such as grant-making, capacity building progress on learning, monitoring and evaluation (LM&E), resource mobilizations and digital security.

Bangkok|HER Fund co-organized Prospera Asia-Pacific Convergence “Revolutionising Philanthropy – Strengthening resources for feminist movements” with 7 leaders of our grantee partners. During the Convergence, the HER Fund staff, Board and Leaders met with funders who support feminist funding, women’s funds, and their grantee partners in Asia and the Pacific. It provided an opportunity to learn more about Feminist Funding and how it related to the HK context.


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